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    Your destination for smart home automation. Transform your home, office or shop into a futuristic and connected place with our innovative IoT automation devices and solutions.

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    We believe that technology should make life easier, more convenient and more efficient. With the wide HeySmart range of home automation products equipped with artificial intelligence, you can control lights, temperature, security and much more with a simple touch or even with a voice command. Enter the PRODUCTS section and explore the range of HeySmart IoT solutions!

  • L'applicazione e i dispositivi HeySmart sono compatibili con gli assistenti vocali Amazon Alexa e Google Home per controllare la tua casa con la voce o per crerare delle pratiche routine quotidiane. Quando avrai le mani occupate non dovrai accedere all'applicazione ma basterà un comando vocale per accendere le tue HeyBulb o abbassare le tue tende o tapparelle motorizzate con HeyRoll+.

    Rely on HeySmart to transform your home into an intelligent, efficient and eco-sustainable space.

    Harness the power of home automation to simplify your daily life. In fact, the HeySmart application and devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants to control your home with your voice or to create practical daily routines. When your hands are full you won't need to access the application; your voice will be enough to turn on the lights or rais the shutters!


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