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Cod. 68.6810.68
Smart WI-FI dimmer module for 230Vac lighting. Manageable by wired button, HeySmart App, voice assistants and remote control.
More Details
HeyTriac Smart module for 230V dimmable lighting systems. Turn a traditional dimmable light button into a SMART solution. 
It can be installed in a 503 box thanks to its small size, it supports a maximum load of up to 1.5A (300W). 
It is possible to manage via app: switching on, switching off, dimming (0-100%), time programming and group controls 
(in the case of multiple modules). 
Furthermore, on the module there is both a switch for selecting the Dimmer Triac leading Edge and Trailing Edge functions 
and an input for connecting the traditional button which, together with the RF remote control (optional, cod.68.6810.68/T), 
allows you to comfortably manage the lights locally even in the absence of Wi-Fi. 
HeyTriac can be controlled via the HeySmart App, Google Home and Alexa voice assistants, via wired button 
and remote control (optional cod.68.6810.68/T). 
Combine it with your HeySmart devices by creating practical scenarios useful for everyday life!