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Cod. 67.6884.45
Smart video intercom with 7" touch monitor and FULL-HD outdoor unit with infrared night vision. Remotely control opening and entry with the HeySmart app.
More Details
Smart wi-fi video door phone kit, 7" monitor + 1080p outdoor unit that can be controlled remotely via the Heysmart application. 
When your guest rings the doorbell, HeyVideoDoor will send a notification to your smartphone and you will be free 
to answer and open even if you are not at home. 
The application integrates the external door opening functions and accesses such as garages, gates, barriers, etc... 
Whenever you want and comfortably from your smartphone! 
With HeyVideoDoor you have the possibility to expand the system up to 4 monitors (1 master + 3 slaves), 2 outdoor units and 2 CCTV cameras. 
The analog video surveillance cameras, connected to HeyVideoDoor, will become smart and can be seen via the App! 
The micro SD slot also allows you to store videos of missed calls and view multimedia files with the monitor: photos and music.